⚡️ Turbocharge Decision Making & Drive Action ⚡️

Need to make critical decisions quickly and effectively?

In just 90 minutes, I’ll guide your team through a structured process called a Lightning Decision Jam to generate ideas, prioritize options, and make informed decisions with lightning speed.

What to Expect:
  • Structured decision-making frameworks to ensure alignment and consensus.
  • Rapid ideation to generate a wide range of ideas.
  • Voting and prioritization techniques to identify the most promising options.
  • Action planning to translate decisions into tangible next steps!
Lightning decision jam

For whom?

Teams of any kind!

The Lightning Decision Jam workshop is designed for teams and organizations seeking to enhance their decision making processes and foster innovation.

How many participants?

3 to 12 participants

Optimal learning occurs with a group of 3 to 12 participants, ensuring active engagement and diverse perspectives.


On location or digital

The workshop can be conducted either physically, such as at your organization's premises, or entirely online, providing flexibility to accommodate diverse team setups and preferences.


Benefits of this workshop.


Rapid Problem-Solving

Address critical challenges in just 60-90 minutes, saving time and resources.


Inclusive Collaboration

Ensure every team member's voice is heard and valued, fostering efficient innovation and buy-in.


Clear Actionable Outcomes

Leave with concrete action points for immediate progress, driving results and accountability.

Empowering every voice for informed decision making.

Deep Democracy values every voice, ensuring all perspectives are heard and valued. In a Lightning Decision Jam workshop, I’ll guide your team in a swift, inclusive decision making. By applying Deep Democracy principles, you tap into collective intelligence, aligning around shared goals and driving meaningful change efficiently. With my expertise in facilitation, I ensure that every voice contributes to actionable results.

The workshop format.

During the Lightning Decision Jam workshop, participants engage in a structured process designed to address critical challenges and make informed decisions swiftly. The session typically lasts 60-90 minutes and follows a clear agenda:


Problem Identification

The facilitator guides the team through a brief discussion to identify and define the problem or challenge at hand.


Idea Generation

Participants engage in rapid ideation sessions to generate a wide range of ideas and potential solutions to the problem.


Voting and Prioritization

Using techniques like note & vote, the team votes on and prioritizes the most promising ideas, focusing on those with the greatest potential impact.


Decision Making

With the facilitator's guidance, the team engages in structured decision-making frameworks to reach consensus on the best course of action.


Action Planning

Finally, the team translates decisions into concrete action plans, outlining clear next steps and responsibilities to drive implementation and follow-through.

Throughout the workshop, the facilitator ensures that every voice is heard and valued, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment where innovation thrives. Participants leave with actionable insights and a clear roadmap for moving forward, driving meaningful change and results.

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